Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Being injured through no fault of your own is a disruptive and often painful experience. Many clients are already overwhelmed with physical pain and psychological effects that communication with insurance companies, collecting medical records, and attempting to recover lost wages become nearly impossible tasks.

This is where a skilled personal injury attorney can assist you. At Prestigious Law Group, APC, we offer skill, empathy, and direct communication with clients for every personal injury case. We know that you are likely already facing pressure and even low-ball offers from insurance companies are tempting. However, taking these offers, especially if you have not finished medical treatment, is never in your best interest.

Our skills in negotiation and litigation help accident victims secure the compensation they deserve. Types of personal injury claims where you may be entitled to damages include:

Auto Accidents

Car AccidentsEven when the defendant is clearly at fault, an insurance company will attempt to show your injuries are not as extensive as claimed or you were partially at fault. We work to understand the facts of your case and how the accident affected you so we can tell an effective story that is more likely to secure a fair settlement.

Premises Liability (also known as ‘Slip & Fall’)

Slip and FallDangerous building conditions account for many serious injuries and sometimes, showing fault can be challenging. Whether you slipped on a wet floor or fell through a poorly-maintained porch, we investigate the circumstances to see if the property owner could have kept you safe. If that ends up being the case, we can secure damages to compensate you.

Dog Bites

Dog BitesThese can be touchy cases because they occur between neighbors, even former friends. They also involve a beloved family pet which creates another tension dynamic. Add in a homeowner’s insurance company that does not want to pay and you can understand why these are difficult cases to handle if you do not hire an attorney.

Prestigious Law Group, APC is located in Orange County and serves clients throughout Southern California. If you sustained an injury through no fault of your own, contact our office to today to schedule a free case evaluation.